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     Safetex Mills Hangzhou was founded in 2001, registered with 10 million RMB, which is a home textile company integrated with designing, developing, manufacturing and sales.
Safetex focuses on embroidering and it owns 60 sets of computerized embroidery machines, mainly manufacturing various kinds of styles of embroidery products, which are applied to curtain market and upholstery market.
Safetex owns its own import & export visa and its products are made under ISO9001:2000, ISO4001:2004 and approved by ecological textile organization successively. Its products are popular not only at home but also abroad. Its market covers more than 30 countries from the Middle East, North America, South America, Africa,and Europe .
  Since the establishment of Safetex, we stick to management principle of putting people first, helping on friendly terms with each other and offering mutual assistance, establishing consciousness of brand, pursuing effectiveness, creativeness and win-win situation all the time. And we also pay attention to the establishment of brand and enterprise cultural construction. The brand of "Safetex" decorative fabric is awarded as Hangzhou famous-brand product and English and Chinese name-"Safetex" is rated as Hangzhou famous trademark. And Safetex is rated as Hangzhou's brand-name enterprise of export.
  The two high-end cut-length brands of ASCATO and OMASH were launched by Safetex in the year 2010 and 2012 respectively. The two brands are both registered in China and abroard.
     The main materials of ASCATO are natural and organic fibers like silk and cotton, which are woven into silk, silk-cotton fabrics with embroideries. The designs of the products mainly come from three Italian companies- ATHENEA TEXATHENEA S.L , AL-OVER DESIGNS and TREANDART.
  The products of OMASH are mainly linen,linen-cotton, poly-cotton, velvet with embroideries.
     公司拥有60台绣花机,主要生产各种不同风格的绣花产品。适用于窗帘及沙发面料市场。 公司拥有自营进出口权,先后通过ISO9001:2000、 ISO14001:2004及生态纺织品认证。产品畅销国内外,国外主要销售区域有:亚洲、中东、北美、南美、南非、欧洲等地。  公司自创立以来,始终坚持"以人为本、和谐互助,树品牌、求时效,共创新、同双赢"的经营理念,注重品牌和企业文化建设。 "圣菲丹"牌装饰布被评为杭州市名牌产品;中英文商标"圣菲丹"与 "Safetex"被评为杭州市著名商标,公司被评为"杭州市出口名牌企业"。
   公司于2010年和2012年分别推出两个高端零售品牌:ASCATO (艾斯卡多)和OMASH(欧麦斯)。两个品牌均在中国和国外注册。
       ASCATO (艾斯卡多)品牌产品以绿色有机、低碳环保、天然健康的丝、棉为主要原料,交织成真丝、真丝绵绣花面料。产品的设计主要来自意大利艾西尼亚.坦克斯(ATHENEA TEXATHENEA S.L),欧露浮(AL-OVER DESIGNS),和特莱德.雅特(TREANDART)三家设计公司。
OMASH(欧麦斯)品牌主要是以麻、棉麻、涤麻、涤棉、绒布及绣花为主要产品。、  公司的经营理念以人为本, 和谐互助 。树品牌,求时效。共创新,同双赢,追寻忠诚的合作伙伴……
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